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What Is It?

Do you use an iPhone? Does it run on iOS 6 or higher? You can use an app called Passbook or Wallet (iOS 9 and above) to contain all your different loyalty cards, vouchers, etc. that has a barcode. Awesome, right?

More information on Apple Passbook / Wallet here:

But in reality it's more complex than that. It's up to the merchant to create theses virtual loyalty cards, and most of them just don’t.

This website is here to change that. We add new shops regularly so you can use Passbook/Wallet every day. Don’t forget that we are not linked with theses shops.

How does it work?

Open this website from your iPhone or your Mac (with Safari) – it does not work on an iPad, thanks Apple for that-, click on the shop you want, choose the closest shop near you if available (so your loyalty card will appear on your lock screen when you're nearby, easy and helpful when you're about to pay), generate your card and add it.
From your Mac, this will be transferred to your iPhone via your iCloud account, from your iPhone, your card will be automatically added to Passbook/Wallet.


Not all barcode scanner can read screens. In these cases, your barcode won’t be readable by the machine. The older ones, the ones using lasers, can't read a screen. But most of the recent portable ones, taking pictures instead, can do that.
PassWallet can't do anything about that as it is a limitation on your shop’s side.

Geolocation Apple doesn't allow you to have more than 10 favorite shops by card. This is a strict limitation that can't be bypassed.


We do not keep any records of your cards. The only thing we keep is which type of card you generated and when (no IP or anything like that) just to estimate the use of the tool.
When you submit a card for us to add it to the database, we'll keep (but not use) the pictures in case we need to revalidate some part of PassWallet in the future.

Donate to PassWallet

Many of you ask how they can help PassWallet. Here is a way, you can donate to help with the servers, and everything via leetchi.

Plus I really like this new Tesla Model 3, so your help will be appreciated ;)

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